In 2017 the In Plane Sight competition was launched to celebrate the A400M entering in to service with Air Forces around the world. The photos were incredible and showed the A400M in its natural environment; in the air providing unparalleled support to our Military Forces.

You can also read about the A400M and the winning entries on the AERO Space website here.

Thank you to everyone that entered in 2017 and we hope that you also have some fantastic new photographs to enter this year.


James Roberts, UK, Young Photographer

A stunning shot of the A400M in low-flight in the “Mach Loop” in Wales. The judges were particularly impressed with the levels of focus on the propellers in motion and the contrails behind the aircraft as well as the overall positioning of the aircraft in the frame. The technical superiority of the photograph was well appreciated.

Runner Up

Marina Munoz Fernandez, Spain, Military Photographer

A beautiful photograph showing the A400M in operation reflected in the sunglasses of a member of the armed forces.

Runner Up

Alvin Russell, UK, General Public

An incredible shot of the A400M as it heads high in to the sky, showing the swirling air around the propellers and the enormous tailfin.

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